Night Bird

Night bird romantic bird and moon silver pendant

Fire heart

A double sided piece of passion that puts the heart on fire.

Under the surface

A  beautiful minimalistic snake ring with powerful organic energy. It´s a great ring to combine with the Sea Snake ring.

Skull Orchid

Skull Orchid double sided pendant

Silver rings in snow.

My collection of sea snake rings, makes a great combination.

Sea snake

Can you feel the motion of the sea snake when it swims in the depths.

Love Grows romantic ring

Love Grows, Romantic nature and folklore-inspired love symbol ring. Two interconnected hearts that grow into the spiral of eternity. A piece of jewelry all about the strength and beauty of love in yellow gold plating brass.


Twinkle twinkle little star.


Pendant for everyone who love ice hockey. Double sided skull amulet pendant made in antique sterling silver. 

Love Grows

This romantic pendant is all about the strength and beauty of love and life.