"My jewelry is like the flowers in my magic garden of creativity."

Britta Kers, designer artist with a background in traditional art, silver and graphic design. Brittas combined passion for art and craft with the latest technology to create high quality jewelry for a unique and personal style.
Digitally sculpted jewelry is an intuitively artistic way of creating jewelry, comparable to sculpting in digital clay or painting.
3D printed jewelry isn’t directly 3D printed, the mold of the jewelry are created with a lost-wax casting process using a high-resolution 3D wax printer. A technique with an orem approximately 3500 BC.
The finished product is polished by hand for a smooth surface.
The designs can be created in a large amount of materials like stainless steel, brass, bronze, silver, gold or platinum.

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Tibble, Lindsvedsvägen 3 • 793 36 Leksand • Sweden

+ 46 (0)70 306 39 49